5 Things You Can Do to Improve the Exterior of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home or merely want to update the exterior, there are some inexpensive ways to boost curb appeal. Here are some simple projects that are both quick and inexpensive.

1. Exterior Washing

It’s possible to get the entire exterior of your home clean with pressure washing Richmond VA. This is the best way to clean bird droppings, dirt and other debris from your property. Whether your home is made of brick, siding or wood, pressure washing is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your home.

2. Go Green

Your lawn is likely the next main area to be noticed on your property. Grass needs to be watered deeply and less often. Depending on the type of soil, the amount of time it takes to water may vary. After watering your lawn for 30 minutes, conduct a simple test to see how far down the water has penetrated. Ideally, the water should reach four to six inches deep.

3. Add Lighting

Sufficient lighting is important outdoors as well as indoors. Not only does lighting add safety to the exterior of your home, an illuminated walkway adds beauty. Solar-powered lights or lanterns are a great way to add inexpensive lighting to the exterior of your home.

4. Decorate Your Front Porch

One project that you can tackle in one weekend is your front porch. Painting the front door, adding a wreath or placing plants on both sides of your door are simple ways to

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Breathe Some Life Into Your Home With a Kitchen Redo

A kitchen redo can make cooking fun again if it is done right. There are many choices to make and materials to choose from, each resulting in a very different look and feel. When you are planning your kitchen, you have to decide whether you want to do a small part, such as a paint job, or whether you want to do the entire room from soup to nuts. Below you will find some of the most popular fixes.


Cabinets run the gamut. You can start simply with refinishing or painting existing doors with a new finish or even removing some of the doors and installing open glass shelving. Another option is complete replacement. Check out the wide variety of custom cabinets San Francisco homeowners choose for their kitchen remodeling projects. Whether modern or traditional, industrial or farmhouse, there is a style for your kitchen.


Flooring is a personal choice. If you have dogs, hardwood may not be the most practical option. Ceramic tile needs a good, solid subfloor to prevent cracking and is ideal on concrete floors. Sheet vinyl is the least expensive and may be practical and durable where water resistance is critical.


Changing your paint color is actually one of the least expensive and most effective ways to change the look of a kitchen. Add a bright yellow or aqua to add a fun vibe or a little energy, or go with a soft grey for a more subdued and sophisticated feel. You can

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Fighting Back When Pest Attack

There are numerous bugs, insects, and animals that provide beneficial services in nature, but when those same critters try to move into your home, they are not welcome! Not only can the tiny trouble makers carry deadly diseases, but they can also contaminate your food as they munch their way through your cupboards. Here is some information about common pests, just in case you find yourself fighting back.

1. Lawn Bugs

Your lawn can be attacked by aphids, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and fire ants. You can fight back with a treatment specially designed to remove your invading insects. There are pest services that can help you control lawn pests before they get out of hand.

2. Beg Bugs

Beg bugs are tiny, yet they love to feast on your blood at night while you sleep. You may check your mattress and find no trace of the creepy critters, yet morning may come and find more bites on your arms or legs. When that happens, call in a reliable pest control Fort Myers company to help you locate the hidden bugs. Don’t think you can fight them on your own! The pests lay five eggs a day, so they can be a never-ending cause of concern – especially if you have children.

3. Rodents

Whether you are fighting roof rats, the rodents can be a problem that seems to never go away. Attracted to your home in search of an easy source of food, the pests can multiply

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