Budget home makeover tips

Interior design magazines and social media feeds that document dazzling home décor give the impression that properties need to be decorated with expensive furniture, extravagant art and costly fixtures and fittings in whatever style is the current vogue. The truth is not so complicated and certainly not as pricey. You can furnish your home while keeping a tight hold of your purse strings; follow these top tips for an easy interior makeover on a budget.


Display your awesome art

If you have posters, prints, paintings, postcards, portraits or crafts tucked away, transform your interiors by putting them on display and showing off your collection. Buy a cheap gallery picture hanging system and curate pieces to match the existing colour themes of your rooms to give a gallery feel that complements your chosen interiors.

Use paint testers

Many homeware and DIY stores offer free or low-cost tester paint pots so that homeowners can try out new colour schemes in their rooms before they take the plunge and commit to a colour. These paint testers can also be used to create statement hues through living areas. Small bows or chimney breasts can be painted using a tester pot in a bold or complementary shade; large rectangles, ovals or semi-circles in contrasting hues can be painted around major items of furniture. The result is an eye-catching display that can be created without needing to pay for a full pot of paint. Similarly, wallpaper samples can be used for wall displays.

Makeover the stairs

In many homes, the stairs are the first thing visitors see upon entry — yet they’re often neglected in terms of decoration. Stick-on tiles are an easy way to create interest on stairs, as is the use of paint over wooden steps. Stair runners are a feature often found in large period properties to give a feel of comfort — they can be made rather than bought to save money. Bannisters can often be found in junkyards or being given away for free on social media sales sites.

Refresh the kitchen with stickers or Fablon

Having a whole new kitchen installed is a costly and often time-consuming venture but the room can be easily refreshed without spending much money at all. Fablon and other sticky-back plastic adhesives can be used on kitchen worktops and cupboards where paint isn’t an option. It takes just hours to apply thoroughly and securely with no need to hire a professional. Cheap wall stickers can also be used across painted areas and/or on cupboards to give design depth; try adding polka dots, stripes, faux paint strokes or leopard print to otherwise plain areas.

Repurpose old furniture

If you have old furniture in your home that you don’t wish to use for its intended purpose, consider upcycling or recycling it into something you can make practical use of rather than buying something brand new. An old bedroom dresser can have its top removed and a sink installed to make a new bathroom vanity, old windows can be converted into hanging mirrors or an old headboard can be made into a DIY storage bench. The internet is full of repurposing and upcycling tutorials and, even if you don’t already own the item you wish to recycle, you may be able to get hold of a secondhand one for free or cheaply online.

With a little creativity, homeowners don’t need to splash the cash on home renovations or decorations. A living space can be transformed with some know-how, imagination and care.