Blocked Drain in Gold Coast: Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning

It is important to understand the common signs of a blocked drain, because that way, you can prevent potential issues from becoming more problematic and expensive altogether. The moment you suspect something, you should find a professional who will deal with the problem.

It doesn’t matter whether you have noticed strange noises, water pressure issues, or odours, you should be able to determine the signs to watch out for when suspecting that you have a clogged drain. The best way to learn more about drainage plans in AU is by checking here for additional info. 

Of course, after noticing a problem, you can either handle it yourself or find an expert who can deal with it in a matter of moments. Generally, using over-the-counter chemicals for dealing with blockages or manual snake drains without experience can cause more problems. You should watch out for these indications that you need a drain cleaning service

1.Slow Drainage

If you feel annoyed because the sink is not draining properly, while it becomes challenging to clean everything. It is a situation in which you have a specific problem. It is a common indication that your drain features a specific blockage or clog.

For instance, if the sink is not running properly, the blockage is close to the surface. You can handle it yourself without additional challenges. Still, if the multiple sinks feature the same problem, the blockage is in the sewer line, meaning you should call professionals.

Over time, it will build more, which will ultimately cause pipes to corrode much further, which is a significant expense in the long run. Therefore, you should find a professional to intervene and deal with the problem before it’s too late.

2.Backed-Up Fixtures

The problems with muddy water entering or backing are something that doesn’t happen only in horror movies. The problem can happen due to numerous reasons.

Still, if the problem persists, it is an indication you have a severe problem that requires immediate attention. Ignoring the problem can easily expose your entire family to hazardous sewage.

These issues can lead to damaging and hazardous mess and overflow. Check out this website: to learn more about drainage liveability.


The moment you enter a home, it is vital to ensure you have a clean and fresh scent. However, if the sewage odours become powerful, you should do something about it as soon as possible. The main goal is discovering and remedying the source of smell.

At the same time, if the odour comes from the sink, we recommend you run the water for a while. A dried P-trap can be the cause, and this fix will handle the problem. However, if the foul odour remains, you may have issues with pipelines, which is a problem that requires immediate attention.

You should remember that sewage is not the only reason for unpleasant odour. For instance, if you notice a mouldy and musty smell coming from your bathtub or sink, it is an indication of trouble. You should know that moisture is necessary for mould infestation, which can be a problem you must deal with.

Issues such as water that cannot move further as well as bacteria-filled environments are perfect places for mould to grow, especially within your walls, pipes, and drains. Therefore, when you have a blockage with soap scrum, hair, and other organic materials, we are talking about a perfect breeding ground. You should find a plumber to eliminate the odour by cleaning everything.

4.Pests in Pipelines

If you have noticed small rodents or insects in your sink, you should not call pest control right away. Instead, you should think about the drain issues. We are talking about large animals such as rodents that can use your drainpipes to pass from broken areas to the toilet and vice versa.

That is why you should find a plumber who can identify openings to prevent further issues from happening. It is vital to find an experienced professional.

5.Significant Water Bills

Generally, it is regular for water bills to fluctuate, however, if you notice a significant increase, that is something you should analyse. It may be an indication of a plumbing leakage, which is why you should find Gold Coast Blocked Drain Solutions that will deal with the problem immediately.

Leaks can happen due to blockage that ran its course, meaning a professional should find the source. In some cases, they may be behind the walls or underground, meaning they are not as simple to find as people think.

If you cannot find the spot yourself, the plumber should do it with the relevant equipment. At the same time, you should regularly clean drains to make sure you have a free-flowing system that may not affect your pipelines.