Winter Doesn’t Stop These Pests

Although the winter might be the end for flying bug pests, it also brings a whole new set of pest problems trying to avoid the winter chill. They can make you need a heroic All Star Pest Control operator to come to your rescue if you don’t. Here are some of the most common winter pests to watch out for.


Mice and rats are the number one winter pests. The wild winter can be harsh, and our warm homes are ripe for picking and taking up residence. They tend to seek shelter in basement homes where it is dark and hidden. The saying is if the mouse can fit its nose through a hole, it can work its whole body, though. In truth, they can fit through a space as small as 12 inches. A nuisance and dangerous, they nibble through anything, including drywall and wiring, which can lead to a fire. Spreader of diseases, you do not want them as a roommate.

Box Elder Bugs

These guys do not hibernate, unlike most bugs. They remain stationary to conserve heat.  As the temps drop, they can crawl inside your walls to hang. You turn on the heat, and your lovely toasty home alerts them it’s “summer” and starts to come out of the woodwork. You now have a problem. They are a problem, too, as Box Elder bugs are similar to stink bugs but with a more venomous bite, and they do bite. They also create an odor when squished.


An inspection around the outside of your home to look for cracks and openings and seal them with steel wool or caulking is the best way to pest-proof your home for winter.