Smart Locks – a Look into the Future of Security

In today’s constantly evolving technological world, innovation is all around us, shaping our daily lives. From voice-controlled assistants that manage our schedules to refrigerators that tell us when milk is running low, our homes are getting smarter, making life easier and more convenient. 

Home security is no exception to the rule, and smart locks have become one of the leading innovations in the last years. Providing flexibility and peace of mind, these gadgets have revolutionised home security. So, keep on reading if you are interested in learning more about smart locks and their benefits.

What Is a Smart Lock

Smart locks are electronic locks that have a range of advanced features that allow remote control and access to the door. They lock and unlock doors automatically by receiving commands via an access card, electronic keypad, biometric sensor and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi from an authorised mobile device.

Smart locks don’t require physical keys and use advanced technology to facilitate user access and enhance security. Their main components consist of a physical lock, an electronic, virtual or encrypted digital key, a wireless connection and a mobile app. 

The Basic Features of Smart Locks

Smart locks offer a range of advanced features to improve home security and convenience. Some of their fundamental characteristics are:

Remote Access

Installing a smart lock provides you with the ability to control your door lock remotely using a smartphone app or other connected devices. Even if you’re miles away or forgot to lock the front door, you can use your mobile device and get remote access whenever you want.

This feature could be very useful, especially when you have to grant access to somebody else. Instead of leaving a key for the regular cleaner, for example, you can remotely unlock the door when she arrives and lock the door after she leaves. 

Multiple Access Codes

Smart locks allow you to create unique access codes for family members, friends, or service providers and track who and when enters your home, adding an extra layer of security.

The codes are time-limited and can be generated for one or multiple users. Using a smart lock’s app, you create temporary access codes and configure the duration, number of uses, and authorised users of the code.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

You can interconnect a smart lock to other smart systems in your home, like security systems, lights, and thermostats.Additionally, they are compatible with voice-controlled virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, letting you operate them via your voice or dedicated applications. 

A smart lock system allows you to unlock the front door by telling your voice assistant to do so, switch on the light or change the room’s temperature. Similarly, when you leave your home, locking the door can switch off all lights in the property and turn on the security system and cameras so you can keep your home safe.

Send Notification on Your Phone

Installing smart locks in your home means you can receive alerts on your mobile phone about the status of your doors. This feature provides peace of mind by letting you know any time the door is opened, what access code is used or if a door is left unlocked. All this will not only help you monitor who and when enters your property but will also give you extra comfort that your home is secure and safe.

In addition, most smart door locks run on batteries, so they can alert you when the battery is running low. This helps ensure that your lock is always in optimal condition and functioning smoothly, guaranteeing that you are never caught off guard.

The Future of Smart Locks

Technology is constantly evolving, and smart locks are developing, too. Some of the key innovations that are shaping the future of smart locks include:

Biometric Authentication

Slowly but surely, biometric authentication replaces traditional PIN codes and passwords. Biometrics, such as facial recognition or fingerprints, add an extra level of security than traditional methods, so it’s no wonder that unique physical characteristics are incorporated into smart lock security systems. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven smart locks will learn user behaviours over time, adapting to your routine and making access control more intuitive. Using algorithms, AI will be able to monitor the locks, identify unusual activity and potential security risks, and enhance smart lock security. These locks will be able to recognise patterns and respond to your individual needs, providing a high level of security and convenience. 

Higher Security

Continuous improvement in encryption and security protocols will make smart locks even more resistant to hacking attempts. Manufacturers are committed to ensuring that your smart lock remains a robust barrier against unauthorised access.


The future of smart locks will place an emphasis on eco-friendly designs. Expect to see more energy-efficient and recyclable components, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.

What to Consider Before Buying a Smart Lock

Before hiring a locksmith to install a smart lock on your door, don’t forget to check a few key points, such as:

  • Compatibility – ensure the smart lock you choose is compatible with your existing door and locking mechanism
  • Installation – although most smart lock brands are designed for DIY installation, consulting with a professional London locksmith is always a good idea
  • Setup and connectivity – ensure your Wi-Fi connection is stable and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pairing. Also, check if the smart lock is compatible with your smartphone and the rest of the connected devices in your house
  • Power source – smart lock can be powered by electricity, batteries or both. However, you may have difficulties to lock/unlock the door if the electricity or the Internet goes down or if you lost your mobile phone
  • Trigger options – Think about how you want to lock and unlock your door – with an app, code, fingerprint or geofencing.


The future of security is undeniably exciting, and smart locks are at the forefront. Offering a unique mixture of security, convenience, and innovation, they reshape the way we protect and interact with our homes. 

With the constant technological advancement, we can expect even more sophisticated and user-friendly features from these remarkable devices. Smart locks are not just locks – they are your gateway to a safer and smarter home.