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Stop letting your roof get taken over by ugly black streaks and patches of mold, mildew and algae. Decreasing electric bills by eradicating the warmth absorbing darkish, damp bacterial fungus which makes your roof absorb and retain heat. This will increase the possibilities of leaks, cracked shingles, lacking shingles, and other damage that can affect your property with out immediate roof restore.

No other company in the Portland Oregon space has entry to our particular formulas that carry some of the longest moss free” warranties available. Our Roof Cleansing service is a Non Strain Roof Cleaning that is manufacturer accepted by all manufacturers of roofing materials.

Because, you can get extra cleaned safely and the solution is managed to an actual combine and no guessing what’s in the tank. Northerners could look at an algae infested roof and assume the house needs a brand new roof, when in reality, it simply needs a mild cleaning!

And, truly, a rubber roof will clean just as simply with a soapy brush as with a stress washer, with much less opportunity for generating roof leaks round accent gadgets mounted on the roof. Many roof cleaning contractors who use bleach will combine up their own homemade formulas.

Slate roofs are also topic to delamination, making using any form of harsh chemical very dangerous and impacting the durability and lifespan of the roof tiles. If you will notice, I started this Hub with the statement that I wasn’t going to recommend merchandise.