Maintaining A Septic System

Septic systems are generally not given a thought until something goes wrong. Maintenance is one of the most important ways to keeping things running smoothly. Due to the importance of this system, it is essential that it be inspected regularly to ensure it is in the best shape possible.



Septic System Parts

Septic systems are more than a tank that collects the waste water. A drain field located nearby is connected to the tank by pipes. It is lined with gravel to allow the wastewater to trickle out and be distributed into the soil.

The tank collects waste water and separates it into three layers. The middle layer is water, the top is where grease collects, and solids are at the bottom. The waste water contains bacteria that breaks up solids, but not all solids are eliminated. This is why septic systems must be pumped out on a regular basis. Mid Florida Septic Inc. is one example of septic companies in windermere fl.


Biodegradable Substances

One of the most frequent causes of clogged septic systems is putting non-biodegradable items in the sewer. Diapers, sanitary items, coffee grounds, and cooking oil are a few of the things that can cause problems because they are not biodegradable. When the system becomes clogged it can cause a lot of problems. Even the fumes from a septic system that is blocked can be dangerous.


Separate Waste Systems

Another thing that can help keep everything working properly is to have separate waste systems for appliances that can put a strain on the septic system. Garbage disposals are one. They can cause an accumulation of solids in the septic tank. Grease can build up when the garbage disposals are used for bones and meat.

The water from washers can cause quite a load on the septic system. If it must be connected, it is best to do only one load a day rather than several loads in one day. Liquid laundry soap is also preferable over powders.

Inspecting the system regularly is a good idea. A septic system can last several years when it is taken care of and maintained.