How To Stain Concrete To Renew Your Patio

Stained concrete is a versatile way to upgrade the look of your patio. The process is quick and the cost can be inexpensive. In this article we will go over the steps to complete this project so you wont have to call a concrete contractor.

What is concrete stain? It’s a water based solution that coats the concrete and once applied becomes a permanent part of the concrete.  The stain can fade over time due to changes in the weather however you can apply a sealer to help it from discoloring. An added benefit of choosing to use a stain over other products is the depth of colors that are available.

Something to consider is cut some groves in your concrete patio to make it into smaller sections. This will break up the patio and you can use multiple different colors of stains. You will next need to prep the patio by using a stiff broom to get all of the dirt off the patio. After the patio has been swept, you will want to wet the concrete with water.  All concrete companies would agree that preparing the surface is absolutely critical to the project.

Now it’s time for the base to be applied. Using a base coat will help give the stain a nice and vibrant color. You will want to make sure it completely covers the entire patio. Once the base has been applied its time for the stain. Keep in mind that one gallon of stain will get you around two hundred square feet of coverage. If you can, you will want to avoid applying the stain in direct sunlight, try to do it with some shade. You will also want to avoid spraying in windy conditions; it can cause the stain to spread as you are applying it.

When starting the stain, you will want to work in the small sections first to get a feel for how the color is looking.  You also want to start out the front of the house and work your way out, this way you will not box yourself in a corner. Once you have all the stain applied, you will want to look over the patio for any bare spots. You can touch them up by applying the stain to a wet rag and then dabbing it to the concrete. You will want to let the concrete then dry for twenty-four hours. After the stain has dried then you should examine if you like the color or if you want it darker, you can apply another coat of stain.

The final step is to then add the sealer. This will help prevent the stain from fading over time. You will want to apply this sealer every three to four years to ensure it stays protected. Many concrete companies will tell you this optional however the benefits really help ensure the stain and can even enhance the look. Just like when you are applying the stain, you will want to apply it in the shade.