How to Get Rid of a Shower Drain Smell

To feel clean and fresh, you should not smell anything gross from the drain. The bacteria that lives in the drain and causes unpleasant odors can feed on the debris. These anaerobic bacteria can live in the P trap and produce hydrogen sulfur gas. This smells similar to sewage. Other odors may also be caused from the debris, such as hair and soap scum. The soap can also become moldy and cause a musty smell in the drain. A thorough cleaning of the drain and ensuring that the P-trap vent vent is free from mold can reduce the smelly shower.

Take out the Drain Strainer

For a thorough clean, the drain strainer must be taken out. Shower strainers usually have one Phillips screw attached to them. You may need to remove the screw using a screwdriver. If the strainer is not visible, use a flat-head drill driver to pry it up. You can remove the strainer if you don’t see any screws.

Clean the Strainer and Drain

After removing the strainer, you will notice a layer of hair and scum. Pull on a pair of rubber gloves and pull off the hair and scum, using a sponge and warm, soapy water or a mix of disinfectant and water. You’ll find the same scum on the drainpipe if you look closely. Pull out as much hair as you can, using your fingers, an old toothbrush or a plastic drain cleaning tool with zippered teeth. To clean the pipe, you can also use a foam roller without the attachment. Use soapy water to soak the roller, then place it in the drain. Rotate it like a sponge. Rinse the roller again and clean it until any scum is gone.

Clean and deodorize the drain

The drain can be disinfected by adding 50-50 of household bleach to water. However, the bleach will not kill all odor-causing organisms and it will only flow down the drainpipe. You can also try putting one cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Cover the drain, let the mixture sit in the pipe for a while, and then flush the water with hot water. If necessary, repeat the process to eliminate any lingering odors.

Preventing Drain Odors

Soap is the main cause of shower odors. While you cannot stop using soap in your shower, boiling water once per week can help to prevent it from becoming a problem. You can dissolve soap with an enzyme-based drain cleaner and then add water.

Vent-Related Sewer Odors

Your plumbing vents could be blocked if you notice a strong smell coming from your shower after flushing the toilet or washing the dishes. This can lead to the P-trap being empty due to suction from the water flowing through the pipes. This problem is usually solved by clearing debris from the roof vent. The roof vent could become blocked in winter. To melt the ice, you can go to the attic and use a hairdryer to reach the vent. The problem may be solved by clearing the blockage.

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