How to Design Kitchen So It Doesn’t Go Out of Time

Even though it is the hardest homework, perfecting the design kitchen is the most enjoyable activity. Not only is it a room for cooking, often the kitchen is also attached to the dining room or is near the lounging area so that it becomes a place to spend a lot of time. Proper kitchen planning is also the key to getting a design kitchen that suits your expectations. Here are tips and inspiration that you can emulate to create a design kitchen that will never go out of style. Here’s how to design a kitchen so it doesn’t go out of style:

Make a list of needs

You can do an analysis of what you currently have in your kitchen with what is currently needed and wanted from the new design. To ensure that there are no duplicate items, you can start sorting out and tidying up the equipment. This process can also make you more creative by noticing if something can be reused.

Consider the layout

Now is the time to imagine the layout for the kitchen you want. Starting from noting how many cabinets are needed and how much equipment must be installed. Not only that, you also need to think about how you use the kitchen, whether only as a cooking area or also as a dining room. For planning the cooking space and preparing everything, don’t forget to apply the kitchen work triangle, namely the fridge, sink and stove. The three points should be placed close enough to each other to make food preparation more efficient.

Make a floor plan

When designing a kitchen, it is important to understand the space it will be used for. You can make a scale drawing of a kitchen plan, by starting to mark the exact locations for the door and window areas. So you can ensure that your room has good airflow.

Gather design ideas

This time it’s your turn to collect kitchen inspiration and find the style that suits you. For a modern kitchen, choose an elegant, minimalist cabinet. Meanwhile, if you are interested in implementing a traditional kitchen, then choose a unique rustic style. But if you want to have a freestanding kitchen, then use flexible furniture to make it feel comfortable.

Choose the best material

After knowing the look of the kitchen you want, now you can start choosing the ingredients to be used. Of course this will depend on the budget you have made, but choosing the highest quality material will certainly last longer. Hard and laminated wood is the best and most durable material that you can use for kitchen cabinets with a traditional concept. Meanwhile, try to avoid cabinets with particle board materials.

Choose the best color for the room

Color may be just as important as the wardrobe style and design you choose. Because, this will be the first thing people notice when they see your kitchen. The most popular color choice for kitchens is white followed grays. A white or pale kitchen design can certainly give you more choices when choosing room decorations. Meanwhile, gray is very suitable to be applied to traditional and contemporary styles.

Choose the best floor

Of course, choosing a kitchen floor is an important thing to note. You can choose tiles from ceramic, porcelain, or real stone, which of course can be adjusted according to your choice. However, it is not recommended to use solid wood on the kitchen floor considering the humidity level in the room. Instead, you can choose rubber materials for flexible floors and concrete that are synonymous with a contemporary feel.

Make sure the room gets lighting

Lighting in the room is important, either using a lamp or from sunlight that enters this area directly. When choosing to use a spotlight, make sure it can illuminate the counter, stove area and sink.