Filing a Claim for Roof Damage in Florida

Severe weather, such as storms and hurricanes, can damage roofs in homes. Because of this, many homeowners are advised to invest in insurance coverage so that they can be protected from the adverse effects of stormy weather. If your home has been damaged by hurricanes or any other form of severe weather, you need to know what to do so that you can restore your roof. Below are some tips to help you when filing for roof damage.

Insurance Coverage Steps

The first thing you need to find out is whether your policy covers roof damage. There are some policies offered by traditional insurance companies that only cover you for roof repairs resulting from vandalism or fire. Call your insurance company and find out if your policy includes weather damage and the amount of assistance you can get.

The Claim Procedures

After high winds damage your roof, you should notify your Florida insurance agent immediately so that you can start filing your claim. ReRoof America suggests that you file your claim in a timely manner and, in case you have moved to a new address or changed your number, ensure you pass this information as well.

The claim will then be sent to you via mail or through an adjuster who will visit your home. As the first line of evidence, you should take photos of the damaged sections of your roof. Where possible, get on the roof and take detailed shots. If you do not present water-tight evidence, you may encounter challenges when trying to get reimbursement.

Any communication between you and your insurance agent should be in writing. In case you have a phone conversation, ensure you follow it up with a fax or email.


It’s your responsibility to document all the damages that have happened to your house. All photos should be logged or stamped with the date and the time taken. If the storm caused damage to personal items, ensure you list them, because they are linked to the roof damage. Be as detailed as you can so that you do not leave anything to chance.

If you have past repair records and any inspections done, put them together so that they can serve as evidence that your house did not have preexisting issues prior to the damage.

Consult with Your Attorney Before Sworn Statement

Every homeowner’s policy in Florida has cooperation clauses. Unfortunately, these clauses contain numerous landmines which can cause your claim to be underpaid or denied. One such clause is examination under oath. The insurance company uses the examination under oath provision to verify losses and to base their approval of claims. When taking this oath, ensure you have been advised by an attorney so that you don’t make mistakes.

There are lots of attorneys in Florida who can handle roof damage insurance claims on your behalf. The only thing you should do is to provide all the information so that they can get you the maximum possible compensation.

Cape Coral roof repair experts have been helping hundreds of hurricane victims to resettle quickly by undertaking works on their roofs. You do not have to wait for your insurance claim to be approved. You can have your roof repaired so that you do not suffer additional damage.