Essential Things to Consider Before Calling a Furnace Technician


Pretty sure that you will have to make your heating systems work hard during the winter season. That’s because we must survive the cold weather in Katy, thus, warming our homes is necessary. Even the water for washing and bathing needs to boil so that our bodies won’t freeze.

But how can you manage to sleep in a very cold room if your heating system is malfunctioning? Go to and consult an expert so that you can avoid getting in trouble this winter. Your HVAC system must undergo regular maintenance and inspections as well.

In this way, issues that may lead to malfunctions can be addressed immediately. All you need is to observe how your furnaces behave as soon as you turn them on. If you think that something is off, then you can call or visit their office right away.

Things to Check Before Calling an HVAC Company for Repairs and Replacements

Since the weather will be cold starting in December, you should have prepared your heating systems. It’s already anticipated that the units will be used heavily, thus, they must be inspected properly.

You’re not an expert in this field but you have to check your furnace for potential problems. After doing the preliminary investigation, you may then call a technician for a professional assessment. Here are the things that you must check.

  • Don’t forget that most furnaces rely on electricity, thus electrical wiring must be installed by an electrician or HVAC technician to prevent shocks or fire in the US – read this for more info. The power and breaker must be on because these shouldn’t be turning off automatically.
  • The thermostat setting must be properly configured. Make sure that the temperature is correct and set to heat. If you have trouble activating your furnace, then there’s a problem.
  • You shouldn’t be using worn-off and dirty filters, thus, they must be cleaned and replaced when necessary. With inefficient filters, you’re restricting airflow and poor air quality will be distributed in the house. Go over the manual to see what its manufacturer requires when it comes to replacing filters.
  • Pilot lights are responsible for ignition since they must be lighted. In this way, the furnace will have a source of heat. If you have trouble with this, then it must be fixed to prevent hazardous chemicals from accumulating in your place.
  • Make sure that your vents are not blocked or dirty. There is a pipe outdoors and it’s connected to your unit. Your machine won’t operate properly, and fresh air won’t pass through if there’s an issue with this.
  • Your heating system’s blower motor might have gone bad if the room isn’t warming. It must be producing a soft sound as well but hearing noise means it needs some fixing or replacement before the winter season in Katy comes.

Performing Furnace Maintenance

For the best furnace experience this winter season, you must make sure that your units are working effectively. This is why there are a few things that must be checked as a part of regular maintenance. This can help you extend the life span of your units and it’s a cost-efficient strategy as well.

  • Don’t forget to always clean the outdoor units for suitable airflow. Keep the surroundings free from all sorts of debris.
  • You should clean the burners, too, for proper ignition. This is where cool air from outdoors and fuel are mixed so that warm air is produced.
  • Chimneys and air vents must be free from dust. Leaving them dirty may pose a risk of fire.
  • Clean or change the filters when necessary.
  • Debris on the fan will decrease your machine’s performance so you should remove dirt regularly.
  • All leaks must be sealed for even distribution of temperature in the rooms since this lets warm air escape.
  • The heat exchanger mustn’t incur cracks and if there is, this must be replaced. Here, heated air passes through the air ducts, thus, the carbon monoxide detector should always have working batteries. A large amount of consumed CO is risky to our health so it must be monitored – see for more details.
  • Check the thermostat to see if it’s working. When this malfunctions, fix or replace it.
  • To allow more efficient operation, lubricate the parts that require this.
  • Keep humidifiers clean because this helps in the heating process.