Causes of Electrical Short Circuit and How to Handle it

The causes of an electric short circuit can be various. A shorted electricity can of course disrupt ongoing or future activities. Repairing it can also take some time, depending on how bad the short is.

Therefore, you must know anything that can cause an electrical short circuit at home. Here are some causes of electrical short circuits at home that you should know about.

What Causes Electrical Short Circuits at Home?

Broadly speaking, an electric short circuit can occur due to excessive and improper use of equipment. For example, you use too many power plugs, or you don’t use the right type of power cable in your electrical installation.

In addition, there are also other aspects of accidents such as electric cables that are exposed to splashing water. For more details, here are some of the causes of electrical short circuits at home and how to prevent them.

Use of Stacked Electrical Plugs

One of the most common causes of electrical short circuits is overuse of electrical plugs. Excessive use of this power plug can cause a short circuit to occur which can then cause a spark to lead to a fire.

Forcing many cable connections from just one source, will result in heat and burning, causing an electric short circuit. Electronic devices that connect to the cable will also be affected.

Therefore, use electrical connections according to their capacity and unplug cables from electronic equipment that are not being used to reduce the electric current load from these plugs.

Power Cord Damaged

Damaged electrical wires are also one of the most common causes of short circuits. If your power cable cannot work, then you should immediately check whether the condition of the power cable is still good or not. Typically, electrical cords are vulnerable to rat bites or heavy objects such as refrigerators and cupboards.

If that’s the case, what you can do to fix the cable is to replace a new cable. After that, carry out routine maintenance or electrical checks to prevent electrical short circuits.

Cable Capacity with Inappropriate Electric Current

In designing electrical installations at home, you should pay close attention to the capacity of your electrical cables. This is because each electric current has a different magnitude.

To prevent an electric short circuit from happening, you must use an electrical cable that is in accordance with the amount of electric current in your home. The more amperage you will draw, the bigger the cable you will need.

Exposed to Water Splash

If there is a power outlet or electronic device that is close to a water source, then the reason for the electricity to short can be caused by splashing water. Thus, you must look again at all electrical equipment and their plugs and pay attention to the placement of these items to prevent electrical short circuits.

Bad Cable Connection

Not infrequently many people who want to extend the cable using an additional cable by utilizing the soldering function. If the cable connection is not good, then there is a high possibility that the cause of the electrical short circuit is caused by bad soldering. Pay attention again to all the connection cables that you have to prevent an electric short circuit.

Place electrical equipment close to heat sources

In the first point above which discusses the cause of an electric short circuit from a pile of electrical plugs. You already know that the pile can overheat the plug and explode.

It’s the same if you place a heat source near a power outlet or other electronic device. Therefore, avoid placing items that can potentially emit fire or heat near electric currents or electronic goods.

Use of non-compliant power cables

Electrical components that meet the standards to reduce the risk of an electric short circuit must have a Standard label, or the Institute for Electrical Problems. So that, electrical cables that do not have this label must be replaced with cables that have one of these labels.

Those are some of the causes of electrical short circuits at home and how to prevent them that you can use as a guide. Short circuit or short circuit can occur suddenly. However, that doesn’t mean that a short circuit occurs without a cause.

You have to know what things, both big and small, can cause a short circuit. In general, you should not overuse electrical connections and regularly check your cables and electrical installations. Make sure to only use standard power cables for maximum safety.

Loose Plug Cable

The cause of an electric short circuit can also occur due to loose plug wires and can cause sparks which cause a short circuit to come from an inappropriate electric current. This can also cause the electric current to be reduced.