Areas to Cover During Your Commercial Roof Inspection

You can maintain your commercial building by regularly inspecting the roof system. This not only extends its lifespan but also prevents costly repairs. Planning ahead is crucial, and you should decide which roof areas to focus on during the inspection. Here are the five key areas to check:

Gutters and Drains

Your inspection should commence with the roof itself. Pay close attention to the condition of the gutters. Check for leaves, dirt, and other debris that might have accumulated, as these can obstruct proper water drainage. If water is unable to flow off the roof as intended, it can cause severe damage. Inspect the seals on the gutters and drains to ensure they are functioning correctly, preventing water from bypassing them.


This includes vents, skylights, and HVAC equipment. Ensure HVAC condensation drains properly and inspect these areas for damage. If you see membrane warping, contact roof repairs immediately.

Roof Surface

Don’t overlook the roof surface. Look for physical damage from objects or excessive foot traffic. As you walk, watch for blisters or separations in the roof layers.

Roof Flashings

Pay special attention to the edges and roof terminations for any cracks or signs of deterioration. Inspect the metal flashings and expansion joints to ensure they are functioning correctly. Additionally, check the masonry walls to see if moisture has permeated through, which can lead to structural issues.

General Defects

Your inspection should also involve a thorough search for any defects in the roof system. These defects may include small holes, signs of wear and tear, or cracks that could potentially allow moisture to penetrate the roof.

Commercial Roofing Services FL can protect your entire roofing system. After our initial assessment and repairs, we’ll establish a maintenance plan that includes routine inspections and cleanings, helping us spot future issues.

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