5 Ways to Take Care of Home Air Conditioning to Keep it Durable for Long-Term Use.

Why does the air conditioner break down so quickly and not last long? There may be a maintenance error and this is the solution for how to care for home ac to keep it durable in the long term.
Air conditioning is a means of making it comfortable at home and at home to linger in it. However, home air conditioners often break down at the wrong moments. One of the reasons why this happens is a mistake in how to treat the air conditioner. But how to care for home air conditioning to keep it durable in the long term is now here at AC Repair Pembroke Pines, a solution that can help you. What is the right treatment method so that the AC will last a long time?

5 Ways to Take Care of Home Air Conditioning to Keep It Long-term.

Here are some things you can do, so that the air conditioner at home can be used for long term or longer. Here’s the full review,

1. Turn off the air conditioner when not needed

You have to pay attention to whether AC is needed or vice versa. If you are going to travel, you should turn off the AC beforehand. Before leaving, try to check it again. Behavior like this can help to eliminate the uselessness of turning on the air conditioner while traveling. In addition, turning off the air conditioner when it is not needed really helps to minimize excessive expenditure and damage due to electricity use. If it is already damaged you can contact AC Repair Weston

2. Set the air conditioner to the right temperature

The next step is to note that you have to set the air conditioner temperature, at the right temperature. Since Indonesia’s climate is a tropical climate, the right temperature is 22 degrees. If needed, the temperature setting can be done below 22 degrees. However, it is important to minimize this. Because, it makes the AC machine heat up faster. This can endanger the longevity of the air conditioner. Hence, it is important to pay attention to this.

3. Cleaning Routine

This is an important thing that is often forgotten by AC users. Where, you have to do regular cleaning on the air conditioner. So, the air conditioner remains cool and can be used for a long time. One way of cleaning is to do periodic cleaning once a month. Cleaning will be carried out on the inside and outside of the AC machine. This effort can help to keep the air conditioner cool so that it lasts longer in use.

4. Freon check

In addition to cleaning the AC machine and used air conditioner unit, pay attention to the freon in the air conditioner. Good Freon can be used for up to 1-2 years. However, you still have to check regularly, which is every 6 months. If there is a problem with the Freon, usually the AC is not cold. Problems usually occur due to leaks or start to run out. If this happens, it is certainly not convenient to use it, so it is important to carry out periodic checks.

5. Use a timer as needed

One other thing that can help care for the air conditioner is to use a timer when using the air conditioner. The best time to use an AC machine is 5 hours. After that, you have to rest the AC machine by turning it off. Therefore, how to care for home air conditioning so that it remains durable until the long term is still to be done. So, the air conditioner will last a long time to use and can minimize the spending of funds needed for air conditioning.