3 Things To Know Before Building a New House

Many people dream of building a custom home, but the process is more complex than you might realize. Keep these three things in mind as you start looking to help make your home-building experience go more smoothly.

1. Property Restrictions Can Vary Widely

You’ve found the perfect lot in an area where you have long dreamed of calling home. It’s the right size and the neighborhood seems perfect. Then you find out that it is zoned for a use other than the one you intend. This is a particular concern for people looking to include unusual building features or if you have non-traditional pets, such as livestock or chickens. Check zoning rules beforehand to avoid any surprises.

2. Not All Builders Are the Same

Let’s face it, you don’t want just any contractor building your new home; you want a company that has years of experience and a proven track record of successful projects. That is why it is so important to do your homework when searching for construction companies in Jacksonville FL.

Ask potential builders for references, and then be sure to follow up on them for direct input. It can also be helpful to ask friends and family members for recommendations. IN that case, you have the advantage of knowing the source of your information.

3. Prep Work Takes Longer Than You Think

You’ll probably establish a timeline for your project with the assumption that construction will take the longest time. However, planning, site work and inspections are huge time-consumers, too. In fact, they will take up the bulk of your timeline — even more than the actual home building process. Be sure to plan for any delays too, especially if you are going to be selling another home or sign a lease on a rental unit.

Understanding zoning restrictions, shopping for a qualified builder and being realistic with your project timeline will help make building a new home easier and less stressful.