3 Home Improvements to Spruce Up the Exterior

Your house is your home. Chances are high that you take pride in how it looks and make an effort to maintain its appearance. As time passes, no amount of cleaning, scrubbing or washing can prevent the effects of the elements. When you are ready to spruce up the exterior of your home, you have a few options. You can complete them as a series of DIY projects or you can enlist the services of a professional. Vinyl siding bowie md, for example, adds functionality and increases your home’s value.

Here are three home improvements that help spruce up the exterior.



Eventually, the effects of time and the elements will catch up to your house’s appearance. The sun’s rays and moisture in the air are notorious for fading brilliant colors into sad versions of their former selves. A fresh coat of paint, however, can restore the brilliant luster. There is a wider array of paint on the market where each type serves a specific purpose. Exterior latex paint, also known as masonry paint, is most recommended for painting the outside walls of a home. There are also additional steps you can take to help the paint resist the elements longer.


When trying to spruce up the exterior of a home, improving the lighting helps. Proper outdoor lighting acts as deterrent to potential intruders, and keeps you a little safer. A well-operating porch light enables you to unlock your door faster so you can enter more quickly. Lit walkways, wall mounted sconces on columns and hanging lights on rails add a whimsical touch that also increases the value of your property because it improves its curb-appeal. Lighting also gives you an opportunity to be creative thanks to the availability of designs and sizes.


If your home includes an outdoor porch or patio, and it has not received any care in the last few years, now is the time. Both benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Repairing popped-up nails, split wooden pieces or loose rails enhances the area’s safety and appearance. You may also consider adding potted plants on the porch or patio, or planting shrubbery and other greenery around its borders.

Your home is probably your happy place. Paint, lighting and porch improvements are ways you can revamp its exterior appearance as well as increase its value and curb-appeal.