3 Creative Ways To Hide an Unsightly Shed

Is your backyard shed looking a little tired and outdated? Screening a shed can be impractical if it limits access to the shed. In such situations, consider highlighting the shed, rather than hiding it. With proper maintenance and careful planting of colorful flowers and climbing plants, an old shed can become an attractive, integral part of a landscape.

1. Maintaining Sheds

Some routine maintenance can make an old shed look new again. Prolong the life of an old shed and improve its appearance by reroofing with new felt, shingles and hardware. It’s best to leave a complex job to professional roof replacement services Munds Park AZ.

You should also pay special attention to renovating the walls of your shed. Scrub off algae and other debris from the surface and allow the shed to dry thoroughly before applying a coat of wood preservative. Consider using a colored preservative or adding paint to camouflage any areas of discoloration.

2. Planting Colorful Flowers

A few pops of color can truly transform the appearance of any shed. Decorate a shed with hanging baskets and window boxes packed full of annual flowers and trailing foliage. Strategically placed terra cotta pots and other containers will help hide damaged areas of your shed.

3. Training Climbing Plants

Planting climbing plants is a great way to hide any unsightly damage that may be dragging down the appearance of your shed. To create a striking effect, grow a climber up and over the roof of a shed. Since this method may encourage deterioration of the wood, it is best reserved for old sheds that may have a limited function and life expectancy.

With a little effort, you can turn an old shed into an attractive focal point on your property. By following these tips, you’ll improve the entire appearance of your outdoor spaces!