10 Tips for a Cool Home in the Dry Season

Hot temperatures make the body feel warm. As a result, we also feel uncomfortable doing daily activities. When the temperature is high, not only during the day, at night, it will feel hot. For this reason, what you need to make a house feel cold is to use a solar air cooler from Vankool. This cooler can help you to be free from feeling hot during the day. For more information on solar air coolers, you can visit Vankool at vankool.com

1. Install bamboo curtains

When the air feels hot, we tend to open windows in the house so that the wind can enter. But what happens is the flow of warm air that comes makes the room more heat. It can also be overcome by installing curtains in all windows. Better than if the curtains are made of natural materials such as bamboo or wood. Air flowing in through the sidelines of the curtain will feel fresher, and the temperature of the room will feel more comfortable.

2. Cross ventilation

Having several points in and out of the air also helps overcome the heat in the room. The purpose of this cross ventilation is so that the house feels cooler.

3. Plants in front of the window

Put some plants in pots in front of the window. When the window is opened, the plant will help deal with the hot air that enters the room. Plants will release O2 through the process of respiration so that your room will feel fresher.

4. Install white or light-colored textile material

White can reflect light, while dark colors can absorb incoming light. Therefore, replace the curtains, sheets, rugs, and pillowcases with a white cloth so that the room temperature does not get hot.

5. Paint the roof with white

This method is used based on the observation that ice or snow tends to reflect ultraviolet light when compared to the sea, which tends to absorb it. Many countries worry about the phenomenon of melting ice sheets in the North and South Pole.

Some countries try to overcome the reduction in the ice soil by painting the roof with white. This method can reflect heat, which can damage the ozone layer.

6. Decorate the walls with a vertical garden

This method has begun to be used in several major cities in the country. Vertical garden mounted on the walls of high-rise buildings so as not to reflect hot air around it. If your house is surrounded by high walls that dazzle your eyes when exposed to light, this is most likely the source of heat entering your home. Overcome this by creating a vertical garden on the wall.

7. Avoid excessive use of water in hot weather

When the sun is blazing, the water temperature will increase like a wise, the water in the water tank above your house. As a result of exposure to the sun’s heat, water flowed from a water tank contains water vapor and forms humidity in the home. As a result, the room temperature gets hot and hot. Don’t bathe, do the dishes, or water the plants during the day if you use a water tank.

8. Open the door in the house

We tend to close room doors in homes that aren’t used. It can make the room temperature gets warmer due to hot air trapped inside the house. Overcome this by opening all the doors and windows that face inward, for example, the bedroom door or bathroom door. In this way, the air in the room will continue to move, and the atmosphere of the house will feel fresher.

9. Manage the use of electronic devices

Replace the light at home with LED lights that produce less heat than conventional lights. Turn off your lights, computers, and television when not in use, because this electronic device produces heat. Don’t open the refrigerator door too often, even though the room temperature is hot. Refrigerator doors that are left open will produce more heat because the engine of the refrigerator is forced to work harder to maintain cold temperatures. As a result, the temperature of the room around the fridge becomes hotter.

10. Placing plants on a roof terrace or balcony

Maintaining plants on a roof terrace or balcony also helps reduce room temperature. But it must be a real plant and not an artificial plant or grass. The reason, the land that we use as a planting medium turns out to have the property of absorbing heat from the sun. In this way, the room under the roof terrace or a place that faces directly to the balcony will feel fresher.